Tips For Housing Your Rabbit

This is a great video I found on YouTube with some solid tips on how to house your rabbit whether you’re using an outdoor rabbit hutch or an indoor one. The music in this video is a little bit somber, something I found a bit strange, but other than that, you may learn a lot from this little clip.

I like how you can see a lot of different designs for hutches in this video so you will probably find at least one or two tips that fit into how you plan on housing your rabbit.

One of the main things this video focuses on is the question of size and how space is very important to your pet. This is a point I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Your bunny needs a spacious home to hop and run around. Make sure to not buy one which will damage your rabbit’s health and natural happiness.

Wooden Rabbit Hutch or Rabbit Cage?

If you’re looking for a home for your bunny, you may be wondering whether a wooden rabbit hutch is a better buy than a rabbit cage. In this article, I’ll do a short comparison of these two options so you can see what each one will be like for your pet.

The good news is that you have a lot of options in both varieties of bunny homes. Whether you choose a wooden rabbit hutch or an indoor rabbit cage you will find a range of possible purchases. Rabbit homes today range from the very simple to big and sprawling complexes. A rabbit cage is not like the bird cages you may have seen in your life. It can have multiple levels, be very large, contain a run and other accessories, and provide your rabbit with a comfortable living environment.

The thing you should make sure about a rabbit cage is that the wires have no protruding points or edges that may harm your pet’s feet. A cage with a solid flooring on all or some levels, is a better choice for your rabbit.

Wooden rabbit hutches are usually placed outdoors and provide a more natural environment for your bunny. For that, you need a yard, so this may not be an option if you live in an apartment.

One benefit of cages is that they tend to be easier to clean. Many of them come with a removable litter tray that you can scoop out and clean quickly. They are also easy to carry, if you decide to travel with your pet to a family weekend or some other event. A wooden hutch is usally heavier and bigger and may be less mobile. However, it often does provide more adequate space.

Both styles of homes are acceptable and there are cheap rabbit hutches of both kinds. If you have a yard and enough space for an outdoor rabbit hutch, go with that. This will be likely made of wood. If you don’t then buy a cage but make sure it’s large enough. If you’re planning of having more than a single pet, think ahead and buy a bigger hutch or an expandable rabbit cage.