Rabbit Pet Insurance Cover

Rabbit Pet Insurance

Have you invested in rabbit pet insurance for your little bunny friend? I ask you this because many people neglect this important aspect of pet ownership. It is understandable. What with the cost of buying your pet, then there is the rabbit hutch and a good cover of course to keep the little one snug and warm in winter. And, don’t forget the feeding…Yes the list goes on. So many will not think about getting any kind of rabbit pet insurance cover for their little one.

The issue though, is it can be a false economy to skip rabbit pet  insurance in the vague hope a pet won’t develop any kind of illness, disease, or injury at some point in their life. Really? The typical lifespan for most rabbits is between 7 and 10 years, so your fluffy bunny should be your companion for some 8 years. It is quite likely that at some point in that eight or so years, the pet will develop some kind of health issue.

Several of my Netherland dwarf rabbits suffer from an hereditary condition known as malocclusion. This is when the front teeth rapidly overgrow. This problem requires clipping of the offending teeth every six to eight weeks in order to allow the pet to eat properly. Without health plans for my pets, I simply could not afford the constant vet’s bills. So, what should you do?

Most rabbit pet insurance cover will cater for the basics of illness, accidents and surgical procedures with medication too. However, there may be exclusions. Certain illnesses or health matters may NOT be covered. Your pet will require things like health checks, annual inoculations against disease and other regular treatment like nails or claw trimming. It is unlikely these procedures will be included in rabbit pet insurance policies as they are on-going maintenance as opposed to an emergency situation. A monthly or annual vet’s health plan is more likely to deal with these.

While many rabbit pet insurance providers will try to be competitive, going for the cheapest rabbit pet insurance quote could be false value. Cheap insurance could mean that the things you can claim for are very limited and steeped in get-out clauses. On the other hand, more expensive quotes may provide more comprehensive cover for the number of illnesses etc. you can claim for. You have to strike a balance between getting the cover you need against not paying too much. In other words, you need to shop around for your rabbit pet insurance and compare policies.

When shopping around for pet insurance for your rabbit, online comparison sites are very helpful. By providing basic details, they can gather a number of insurers, costs and aspects of cover they give. Many providers offer online discounts which can be a money saver too. To get further discounts, paying the total cost of cover in an annual lump sum is usually cheaper than paying a monthly premium. It depends what you can afford.

As well as competitive pricing, many providers throw other services such as advertising and rewards in case you pet is lost or stolen. This is why it is so important to shop around and compare many quotes. Make sure all the various quotes for Pet Insurance Plans are compared against each other to get the best amount of cover at the keenest price. It is also essential to read what they call, ’the small print’ of any Pet Rabbit Insurance Comparison quote. This is all the legal stuff about the insurance provider’s obligations and limitations of what can be claimed for and when. Make sure this is understood before buying a rabbit pet insurance Pet Insurance Planspolicy or you might think an illness or accident can be claimed for only to find it is not when reading the small print section.

Final point on Rabbit Pet Insurance

Finally, rabbit pet insurance is no different to many other pet insurance cover. Providers often only deal with animals between certain ages. It could be the case your pet is too old to get cover. Above all, rabbit pet insurance might seem like an extravagance but if your furry friend falls ill, a huge vet’s bill could have been avoided completely.