Rabbit Harness and Lead For Bunny Exercise

Rabbit Harness and Lead

Putting your pet bunny in a rabbit harness and lead is just the same as taking a dog for a walk. Rabbits, just like other household pets such as a cat or dog can be trained and taken out for walkies on a leash. Not everyone has the luxury of a large garden or safe place to allow their rabbit to run around. The next best thing is to exercise them on a lead using a rabbit harness.

Rabbits are highly intelligent animals and as such are curious about everything and love exploring. Walking your pet on a leash will give them stimulation and play as well as great exercise, very important aspects to keep your pets fit and healthy.

There are a number of rabbit harness and lead systems available but they all do basically the same thing. A harness is much more suitable than say a cat collar would be. These arrangements fit either like a waistcoat on the rabbits body or the other kind slip onto the body very similar to fitting reins on a horse or the kind of reins you can get to fit onto a human toddler when they are first learning to walk.

The variety of materials used for these types of  rabbit harness are usually leather or nylon or a combination of a leather leash and nylon or other man-made material for the coat.

A comfortable but not too tight nor too loose fit is important because you do not want to make your pet uncomfortable in the harness and of course you have to ensure it doesn’t allow your pet to wriggle out of it and run off. The ‘strap’ type rabbit harness in often the best choice purely because of the adjustability of the various straps to create a better and more secure fit to the rabbit’s body.

Rabbit Care

Taking care of any kind of pet is a commitment. You should never go into these things half hearted. Every animal matters and we have a duty to give them the best care we can. Rabbits and pretty much every small animal really don’t require a huge amount of looking after. However, proper rabbit careis vital for the well being of your pet. As long as you provide food and shelter, that takes care of the basic needs. However if you love your pet you will want to give the best care you can. With that in mind it is advisable to learn a little about the proper requirements of any pet.

For a rabbit care it is vital to understand your pet’s behaviour, the sort of food they should have and also just as importantly, the things you must not try to feed them. As with any creature there are times when your beloved little pet might become ill. You should then be able to spot ailments that can strike your pet such as deformities or malocclusion ( a chronic over development of front teeth in some breeds).

One of the best ways to learn about rabbit care is to buy a decent and informative book on the subject. Again there are plenty to choose from. While some will provide basic care, rabbit care tips and looking after advice, other can give more authoritative information on other aspects such as training, rabbit care in winter as well as rabbit health care too. When choosing a rabbit care guide book ensure you look at what the book teaches you, not every book will cover every aspect and some will concentrate on certain breeds. Because some varieties and breeds are more prone to some illnesses it is often a good idea to get several books to make sure you cover all you need to learn about caring for your bunny.