Pet Rabbit Toys to Keep Your Bunnies Happy

Pet Rabbit Toys

Providing pet rabbit toys is essential in maintaining the health and happiness of your pets. Put yourself in the position of any kind of pet simply shut up in a cage and who only sees anyone or anything at feeding times. It’s like condemning the poor animal to imprisonment, it’s cruel and not the right way to care for a beloved animal.

As you should realise rabbits are very intelligent animals, are very curious and love to play. Therefore you should make sure you provide stimulating and safe pet rabbit toys for your bunnies to enjoy. Always bear in mind, no matter how clever and intelligent an animal, they don’t think like humans and may see many things as some kind of food. Animals also ‘test’ objects by sight, smell and taste. They will often bite or chew something to see if it is food and desirable to eat. They can’t always distinguish a plaything from a meal!

With that in mind there are play toys you might give to a human baby that you cannot give to an animal as the animal will chew it. A perfect example of this is a fabric doll. A human child may put the doll in their mouth but even with teeth are unlikely to tear it apart and swallow the stuffing contents. A pet is likely to rip a fabric toys open and could potentially choke on stuffing or other parts. Therefore ONLY proper, pet rabbit toys designed for pets should be given to your animals to play with.

Depending on the size of your pets cage, if you have a run for the rabbit to play in or better still, your pet is a house rabbit with plenty of space in your home, you need to choose some pets rabbit toys. If space permits you may go for something like the Trixie Rabbit Toy Play Tunnel which will give your bunny a place to run through that mimics the tunnels it would have in the wild. Playthings like the Sisal Roll Rabbit Guinea Pig Pet Throw & Chew Play toy is a simple but sturdy thing that will last for some time while allowing the animals to chew and amuse themselves with in complete safety.

Do your pet a huge favour and make sure you provide plenty of fun and stimulation for your beloved little animals, there is plenty of choices of pet rabbit toys available so take every advantage of them, your pet will thank you for your consideration.